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The W1SE era is coming. This is the era when people, having analyzed past mistakes and based on centuries of wisdom and experience, will learn to live consciously, use technology wisely, take care of the planet, take care of their bodies, take care of each other, live in a community, explore space, create experiences of each other, develop their abilities, grow. And learn to use the planet's resources substanabily.


It all began about 2 years ago at the W1SE Castle Community in Soliana Beach, CA. 
Several friends chose co-working and co-living to better manage life during covid, to support each other, to help each other, to become better and stronger, to go through those difficult times.

Because we gave up bad habits and drove each other to develop, mentally, spiritually, and physically, we began to attract the most amazing people into our life. People who intend to grow. People who do something good for the world around them, improving, creating! 
We are finding like-minded people from all over the world, and it's turned into something big.


This is and extraordinary family with people all unique in their culture and religions, unique in their experience, and unique in backgrounds. We are entrepreneurs, software developers, musicians, scientists, healers, financiers, people of art, people of music, and more. 

With such a diversity of talent, we have created a diversity of projects. The scope and scale of what we are able to do together are bigger than anything we thought possible individuall.


  • Positive thinking

  • Creation and Harmony

  • Love and Compassion

  • Truth and Transparency

  • Freedom and Privacy

  • Respect and Goodness

  • Learning and Improvement

  • Joy and Communication

  • Gratitude and Forgiveness

W1SE ecosystem is the purposeful cooperation of individuals, with each other and in business, seeking mutual complement, enjoyment, and strenth.

W1SE is fully decentralized, owned by everyone, autonomous, self-organizing, with DAO governance built in. Built on the W1SE CHAIN blockchain.


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